Dartmoor Arts Project Bursary Awards

Dartmoor Arts Project awards bursaries to young and emerging artists, art students and student architects and those with limited income.

Dartmoor Arts is able to offer bursaries which cover a percentage of the course fees. The maximum bursary available is for 50% of the course fees. The smaller the sum requested, however, the greater the likelihood that it will be granted. Priority will be given to those who have sourced additional financial support from elsewhere.

How to apply for a Bursary with Dartmoor Arts:

  1. EMAIL Charlotte Randall-Page at admin@dartmoorarts.com to register your interest in applying for a bursary.
  2. Select the course you wish to attend from the course programme and complete the application form, which can be found in the Booking section of the menu. If applying for financial assistance, you do not need to send any payment with your initial application.
  3. With your application, enclose a letter explaining why you are unable to pay the full course fees.
  4. Submit one supporting letter from an employer, colleague, tutor or other individual, familiar with your work, explaining why they believe you deserve financial assistance and how the course will help with the work you do. If you can't get a letter right away, please submit your application without it and just explain to us that your letter of support will follow on. This way your application can start to be processed.
  5. Tell us in brief where else you have applied for financial support.
  6. Complete and sign the Bursary Application form & Checklist (to be found at the bottom of the bursary application form) and return it together with your application form and supporting letters.

Bursary application

Bursaries are discretionary and limited so we advise you to apply early.

BURSARY APPLICATION FORM CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD You need Adobe Reader to download the booking form.

We accept bookings by post and email. If you have any questions about our bursary scheme please email Charlotte Randall-Page at admin@dartmoorarts.com