Paul Thomas


Drawing: Two Days, 2 Approaches


Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas, co founder with Anita Taylor of the Jerwood Drawing Prize, was trained at the Royal College of Art. He is an artist who spends time both in Sydney Australia and here in the UK.

His practice is based in drawing and painting and he championed drawing as a fundamental principle whilst teaching in art schools in the early 80’s. He was head of painting at Cheltenham School of Art (University of Gloucestershire) and left full time teaching to vigorously pursue his own work in 2004.

His paintings and drawings are based largely in European mythologies, figurative in their subject matter and content, they examine our cultural and historical past finding relevance to those narratives for our own time and patterns of human behaviour that are universal.

From small pencil to large format charcoal drawings, his work often culminates in oil paintings on a grand scale as he explores the human themes of love and loss, sex and death, sadness and humour, and importantly our individual political commitment … all the usual suspects and common values that embody what it is to be human.

His work is held in collections in Australia, USA, France, Switzerland, Japan and the UK